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    1. Orange Lantern Gollum

      Orange Lantern Gollum

    2. gravi-teamfalls:

      Jason Ritter performs “T8king Over Midnight” by &dra.

    3. maiqtells:

      haven’t posted anything rwby related so might as well throw refs for this thing for anyone interested :o

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    4. cinemagorgeous:

      Insanely cool Lord of the Rings posters by artist Patrick Connan.

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    5. qthewetsprocket:


      but guys, you realize Morgan Freeman had to read those lines

      …without laughing.

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    6. zerotation:

      pt.2 of pokemon + teams! This time with the gents

      lads here

      jack is chansey because team mom

    7. zerotation:

      team lads + pokemon

      gents here



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