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      French illustrator Blule delivers his own take on super heroes, through an amazing use of watercolor…

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      beautiful interpretations of Batman’s villains. Click on one of the pictures or here for more 

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OH MY GODDDDD this is a dream come true


      OH MY GODDDDD this is a dream come true

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    4. literallysokka:

OH MY GODDDDD this is a dream come true


      OH MY GODDDDD this is a dream come true

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      Pokémon Starters.
      by Kiy Meister.

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      My variant of: (X)

      I thought this was leading to something deep…I wasn’t disappointed

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    7. The Truth Behind Heroes Of Cosplay: New Orleans


      The Truth Behind Heroes Of Cosplay: New Orleans


      Heroes of Cosplay is a popular tv series on SyFy that showcases certain cosplayers at conventions across the US. But what you might not know about it is how this show treats the people at conventions… the ones that aren’t the “elite” few, the cosplayers and convention goers behind the camera. I never had to deal with them until they came into my town - New Orleans. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see this show in person but my opinion quickly changed.

      The way they treated my fellow cosplaying friends and the way they took over our beloved costume contest was completely inexcusable. There were a few mishaps on the convention floor but a majority of the issues came around the time of the Costume Contest. This was my third time attending Wizard World New Orleans and usually the costume contest is done in 1-2 hours. This one took over 2 hours just to get through the individual category. It was clearly being staged because only certain cosplayers were being allowed to talk about their costumes on stage, everyone else was rushed off. I didn’t realize it at the time but the ones they stopped to chat about were mostly Heroes of Cosplay participants. They didn’t care one bit about anyone else. It became really painful to watch/participate when I saw beautiful and elaborate costumes getting rushed off because they weren’t one of the “elite few” from the show.

      After the contest was over, my friends and I went on to enjoy the rest of the convention as much as possible. Some of us completely shut out the competition because it was the black mark of the whole show. I began gathering stories from my friends and fellow Wizard World convention goers. Then other people began approaching me with their account of what happened. Here are our collected thoughts:

      Encounters on the Convention Floor:


      1 -

      This happened Saturday around 2:30pm the Cosplay Circuit Digital Hall Awards photobooth, where they take your photograph and post it on the Wizard World site. Jesse Lagers tried to cut in line in front of me. The obnoxious camera crew’s goal was to cut the “Costume Contest Winner” into the line. I was sandwiched right between him and the AVP guys. The costume contest didn’t happen until later that night. They decided the winners for the contest before the show even started.

      2 -

      I just want to chime in for a second here… I have always loved Yaya, she was always nice to me over the last 3 years and I really admired her up until WW New Orleans. Now I’m a photographer at alot of Cons and I’ve worked for Wizard World for years. This year I wasn’t working for them because I was working exclusively for a very well known website. When I passed by her just in walking around the con floor she pretty much stopped me and was like Oh you ARE going to take my picture now. I was crazy

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